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Welcome to my blog.  Toned Body Pilates is a group Pilates reformer studio, specializing in helping clients achieve their fitness goals.  Special attention is paid to instructing in a clear understandable way that will help each client activate the correct muscles.  Adherence to the Pilates Principles while introducing contemporary movements.  

Each client is encouraged to participate in a Pilates Basics class before enrolling in Level 1 class.  

The monthly pricing is economical and allows clients to enroll in 6 classes a class each day except Sunday.

Toned Body Pilates is now searchable on google.  When the Pilates reformer studio opens in January, group Pilates reformer classes will be most of the day, starting early in the morning through early evening.

Affordable membership pricing option is economical and enables clients to set up monthly renewable account.

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Create an account to sign up for classes. 

Intimate group and private Pilates reformer classes taught in contemporary style on Balanced Body Allegro II reformers,

Many clients have a variety of orthopedic and medical issues.  Issues are taken into account and modifications are offered that allow the client to participate safely in classes.

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