Toned Body Pilates is dedicated to keeping all clients safe on the studio equipment and as safe as possible from the spread of Covid 19 novel coronavirus transmission while in the studio.  Several equipment upgrades and additional studio policies have been included with already preexisting safety precautions. 

Please be respectful of classmates by adhering to precautions.

Studio equipment precautions:

1) Each reformer headrest is separated a minimum of 6' from others.

2) Easily cleanable loop covers have been installed on each reformer.

3) Hand sanitizer dispenser installed at front door.

4) Air handling system has been upgraded to include the state of the art Reme Halo virus killing system.

5) Quaternary Ammonium cleaning solution is used to clean equipment by class participants at the conclusion of each class.

Client safety precautions:

1) Sanitize hands at front door and wash hands before class.

2) Grip socks are required to participate in all classes.

3) If you are fully vaccinated, masks are optional.

3) If you are not fully vaccinated, face masks that meet current CDC guidelines are required to be worn during class as follows:

    a) Disposable surgical or minimum two layer fabric masks only.

    b) Mask must completely cover nose and mouth.

    c) Mask must fit snugly against sides of face.

    d) Neck gaiters, bandanas, plastic face shields, masks with vents and          others that do not meet CDC guidelines may be worn on top of                other CDC approved face masks but not alone. 

4) At the conclusion of class, please use wash cloth and cleaning solution provided at each reformer station to spray down the reformer bed and wipe down all surfaces touched during class.  Discard used wash cloth in container at front of studio.