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How do I sign up for a class?

   1) Create an account online - Click Schedule  tab.

                                                        Click Book Online link to MindBody scheduler.

                                                        Create An Account - center of screen, populate information

   2) Login with new userid/password

       Click the Purchase Classes tab

       Select Pilates Class from the drop down.

       Select the desired pricing option (1 Month, 1 Week, 5/8 class pass, etc.)

       Purchase with credit or debit card to complete the transaction

   3) Click the Classes tab

       Select a class day/time to attend - make sure first booked class is first desired class date           The activation date of all class packages except monthly recurring autobill is the date of

        the first scheduled class, even if you cancel the class and reschedule.

       Sign up for more classes

   4) Monthly Autobill:

       Click Schedule tab. 

       Click Book Online link to MindBody scheduler. 

       Click Purchase Classes tab.

       Click the Membership tab

       Select your desired activation date.  ("When would you like to start?")                                           Activation and monthly bill cycle day of the month are the day selected at the time of               purchase....10th of the month for example.

       Scroll down, read/agree to terms and complete the purchase.

       Click the Classes tab to select daily classes.


        All Monthly accounts must be set up by the studio to use checking account                            payments.  Account update must be executed by studio.  If credit card payment is                preferred, a 3% charge will be added for each monthly transaction.

        Monthly account cancellations must be submitted 30 days prior to your next                          bill cycle date.  If you will only be here for the next month, a single month or other                  class package would be a better option.

    5) Private and Duet Classes

        Click Purchase Classes tab.

        Select Private Pilates or Duet Private Pilates from the drop down

        Select the available option and complete payment.

        NOTE: Duet Private Pilates can only be paid for by one of the 2 participants

                     Contact the studio to book the appointment

                      24 hour cancellation policy for all Private and Duet Private Pilates

    6)  Private Orientation - required for all new to reformer clients

         See instructions above for Account Creation

         Coordinate the private session with studio - scheduled mid-day

          24-hour cancellation policy for private sessions


All accounts, payments and class scheduling are managed through MindBody application

Do you offer mat or reformer classes? 

Both.  All in-studio classes are taught on the Allegro II  reformer.   Reformer Pilates adds resistance to your workout to help build strength and length without adding bulk.  Mat videos are available for sign-up (shown as 9:30pm on schedule) and the link is sent via email.  All monthly membership clients receive the mat link daily.  All others must sign up and pay with one of the mat pricing options the night before to receive the next day link.

I've never been on a reformer.  Do you offer absolute beginner classes?

Yes.  All new to reformer Pilates clients are required to schedule a private orientation - $85.  

Contact the studio via email or text message to schedule private mid-day session.  Private sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

I've taken Pilates reformer classes before.  Can I start with an advanced class?

Instruction on the reformer can differ greatly from one studio to another. Participation in at least one Basics class is required before progressing to higher level classes.  Clients new to Pilates must begin with Pilates Basics classes before advancing to Level 1 classes.  

Can men participate in Pilates reformer classes?

Absolutely!   Pilates reformer workouts are great for men and women. Pilates reformer  workouts focus on core muscles and help with prevent falls. The reformer uses spring resistance and weight can be easily increased.


I have some preexisting injuries and/or surgeries.  Can I participate in Pilates classes?

Check with your doctor for any restrictions you may have. Some injuries and preexisting injuries may require modifications to certain movements. ALWAYS let the instructor know of any limitations. Modifications can be offered.

What should I wear to class?

Grip socks are required in all classes and are available for sale in the studio.

Comfortable clothing - tank tops, leggings, etc. Try to avoid baggy clothing, as it will          prevent instructor from monitoring your form. No zippers or other parts that may scratch reformer upholstery. No extremely short shorts.

Please refrain from wearing heavy perfume and loose jewelry.

Do you offer private and duet Pilates?

Yes, private and duet private sessions are available, usually mid-day.  Please see Pricing page for cost details.  Private/duet sessions are scheduled by contacting the studio, paid for in advance and have a 24 hour cancellation policy.



Grip socks are required and are available for sale in the studio.  Grip socks help with your safety and stability on the Pilates reformer.  ToeSox, Tavi Noir and other brand grip socks are available for sale in the studio and may be purchased using debit or credit card.  Avoid wearing clothing with zippers or other parts that may scratch the reformer upholstery.


For safety reasons and to familiarize all clients with our contemporary teaching style, all clients are required to take at least one Basics class before advancing to higher level classes. Clients who are new to Pilates are encouraged to continue with Pilates Basics classes for few weeks before advancing.


Classes must be scheduled online and in advance through the MindBody scheduler or       mobile app.  


The most economical pricing offered. 

All clients are encouraged to take advantage of the Introductory 30 Day Offer prior to              setting up a monthly membership.

Please note: Cancellation requires 30 days notice prior to your next billing cycle

  - If your billing date is the 10th of the month and you want to cancel by April 10th, your         cancellation form must be submitted no later than March 10th. Cancellation requests             submitted less than 30 days prior to the next billing cycle will be processed for the                   following billing cycle.  Click the CANCELLATION link in MindBody and submit form.




 With the exception of Private and Duet sessions, any class cancelled at least 12 hours               prior to to scheduled class start time is considered on-time and may be rescheduled for         the same day as the cancelled class.  All classes must be cancelled online.

 Private and Duet session classes are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy.


 Cancellations occurring less than 12 hours prior to class are considered late.  The                     penalty for each late cancellation is loss of the class credit:

   - Monthly memberships and 30 Day Introductory Offers forfeit the class for the day.

   - Prepaid class passes and drop-ins forfeit the class and it will be deducted from pass.

   - A fee of $15 will be charged for any late cancellation in excess of 3 per month.


Failure to attend a scheduled class results in a $15 fee in addition to loss of the class                  credit.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  No show fee will be charged to credit card on file.


 Please make every effort to arrive a few minutes early for your scheduled class.  This               helps minimize distractions for the instructor and for other clients during a class.  You             must show up for a class no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time in order         to ensure your spot in the class.  After 10 minutes, your spot may be given away to a               standby client and your class will be forfeited for the day. 


 Classes must be scheduled online in advance through either the online scheduler or the         MindBody mobile app.  Classes may be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. 

 You are responsible for your own schedule.  Please review cancellation policies above. 


 If a class is full, you have the option of adding yourself to the wait list.  You must have             an active class package available on your account in order to join a wait list. 

 When a spot opens up in a class for which you are wait listed, the first person on                       the wait list will be automatically added if the opening occurs prior to 12 hours before             the scheduled class. 

 If you are already scheduled for another class, you will NOT be automatically moved to           the open spot in the alternate class.  


 The wait lists only work outside the 12 hour late cancellation window, as this ensures               you have the opportunity to cancel yourself from a class into which you have been                 automatically moved. 

 It is best to remove yourself from the wait list if the class is less than 12 hours away, as             this will allow you to sign up for an opening in the class should one become available.


There may be adjustments to the schedule to accommodate desired class times and eliminate less desirable class  times.  Please don't hesitate to contact the studio with any desired class times that are not already available. Classes may be added or removed to better serve seasonal needs.


 In the event of severe weather, class cancellations and/or studio closures may occur.  If           classes must be cancelled, every effort will be made to provide as much notice as                     possible.  You will receive email notification if your class has been cancelled.

 If classes are held, Cancellation and No Show policies still apply.  


The goal of Toned Body Pilates is to provide a fun, happy, positive space where                    classes become a community of friends. 

 -Please be sure to arrive on time or a few minutes early and be sure to let the instructor             know if you have any orthopedic or other issues that may require modification to                     planned movements.

 -During your Pilates class, focus on the instructor's cues and be sure to watch and listen.         You may hear new terminology and some movements may feel foreign to you at first.           Watching your fellow classmates and listening for instructor direction will help ensure           you are getting the most out of your class time.

 -Please keep conversations to a minimum in order to ensure you and your fellow                     classmates have the best experience possible.  

 -Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented deodorant.  


 Please silence your cell phone prior to entering the studio and store with your personal           belongings outside of the class space.


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